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This type of Liver Transplant occurs when liver is harvested from a brain dead person (declared by neurologist) whose family wishes to donate the person's organs. Such case occurs only in a hospital ICU with a person after succumbs to brain injury in a road accident or in someone who has suffered fatal brain hemorrhage etc. In these circumstances, the whole liver can be used for an adult, and a part of it for a child. After removal from the donor (a process called liver retrieval) the liver can safely preserve outside the body in special preservation solutions for 12-14 hours.

Allocation of such organs is strictly according to blood group which must match, time on waiting list and urgency of requirement.

Centre for Liver Disease & Transplantation, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore has completed over 400+ liver transplantations. Being India's largest cadaveric liver transplant centre and the largest and the most successful in southern India running liver transplant program.