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Revival After Liver Transplant/Donation

After operation, the donor will stay in hospital for 2-3 weeks. Another 2 -4 weeks of recuperation is required at home (favourably near the vicinity of the Hospital). After that, the donor can resume normal activity (except strenuous physical exercise) and return to work 6-8 weeks after surgery. Sexual activity can be resumed as soon as the donor feels well enough. Heavy physical activity, sports including lifting weights can be resumed 3 months after surgery.

There are no dietary or any other restrictions, and the donor leads a completely normal life with normal liver function without any decrease in the longevity of life or any other long-term consequences.

All the donors who have undergone a Living Donor Liver Transplant have been leading a normal life after donation. The number of patients who have died or had any major complications in the short or long-term are very few and far across. This should be credited to our Team of doctors who not only experienced in undertaking such operations but also ensure patient care is of utmost important.